Weathersimulation - Climate automation - Climate Control

What, when and how is in need to simulate the climate or weather in a terrarium, insectarium or glass house? Here is a brief explanation:

  1. Weathersimulation - Climate simulation
  2. What is Weathersimulation?
    In short, weather is what we experience outdoors every day!
    What is Climate simulation?
    Climate is the change in the weather in long periods of time, at least the change of weather in conjunction with the seasons.

  3. Weathercomponents in the Climate simulation
  4. In order to almost recreate a climate or even weather in a largely closed space, it is not enough to know that the weather (climate), sun, rain, air temperature and humidity are. One needs to understand their interaction. The sun rises, that is, its intensity increases, so while the temperature increases, while the humidity decreases. This is however, depending on the season, not a constant process. Rainfall in nature is not every day instead, not even in the monsoon. Clouds also occur in summer, fog is not only dependent on precipitate. All above referred components interact and produce what we understand in general as weather and climate.

  5. Equipments in Climate simulation, Climate Control
  6. All of the above-mentioned section of weather and climate components must be "produced" in the terrarium or Insectarium or incubator, which we will be neglect here by devices. Lamps imitate complement the natural light, UVB light. They also give a good part of heat to the air terrarium and the terrarium radiation heats device. In addition to this, can one cable or panel heaters or heat lamps used to help heat the air in the scope.
    The irrigation supplies the terrarium with the appropriate amount of moisture from above. Through its regular use, and by the heat, the humidity is increased.
    By this we again meet the interaction of the components, ie devices. See also Terrariumbuilding.

  7. Climate Automation in Terrarium plants
  8. In the beginning was the timer! Do you remember? Only the analog, then digital, at best, with a weekly program. Simply sensory control, that day-/night values on temperature or moisture basis. But this is no climate control, and by no means a climate simulation, but at best a work relief.
    Climate automation means, rebuilding all weather factors with the equipment available to represent the seasonal cycle. This includes not only the length of day, rain and dry season but also the moon phases clouds and fog. All based on climate data that provide the framework data, so effectively the cord at the lurches along, the climate control
    This is only feasible with the following conditions:
    1. Sensory monitoring of temperature and humidity.
    2. Regulatory mechanisms to prevent overheating and hypothermia.
    3. Technical components, reconciling the two things.

    For ranges in a terrarium, insects, greenhouse or incubator it's not enough to provide heat and humidity. No matter how big the tank, it is always dependent on external factors.
    In the summer, with outside temperatures of 28 °C and more, it's necessary to provide cooling. One can not simply turn off the lights, so the temperature does not increase further. Similarly, to have a high degree of light moisture is discharged. Only a technique that can compensate this can also ensure a controled climate.
    In addition, provides a good program for other weather symptoms, such as the simulation of clouds over the influence on the lighting, the right degree of seasonal irrigation, for the appropriate use of nebulisers.

Climate automation - Weathersimulation

Let's put it into the key points:
The climate control in the terrarium should basically regulate illumination, precipitation, humidity and heat.

The climate simulation represents the weather simulation in seasonal flow.
The units must be used in depentancy of natural processes and external influences.
The technology will amount to additional weather effects.
Climate data is the basis.

If all this is implemented by the software in the appropriate level, then enters another spin: It saves energy!

The most important thing is that it provides an environment for the animals in which they appear in fact, not only in terms of equipment, comes close to their natural habitat. Not only does this have an impact on vitality, but on their behavior and their reproductive cycle. See also Terrariumcontrol and Climate Control by Computer

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