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Welcome to Loeffler Services Ltd.

Here we present you our software for terraniums, insectariums und aquaterrariums
We see our you as to give you a powerfull tool,
that enables you to rebuild the climat in you terrariums, insectariums and aquaterrariums
as close to nature as possible. Because we feel that this is the only way
to keep your animals at best health.
This is not only the basis for a long life, but for most species
a must for successful breading.

And as a side effect, you can save energy by using our software
and in that way doing your part of environmental protection!

We have also tried to put this maxim into live in the design of this domain. This means in detail,
that displaying white scripture on black background on a monitor
needs less energy than the other way around.

Also the change to another page within our domain does not load the entire view,
only the choosen page will be loaded into a frame. This also saves energy. Further on
you'll find a frame at the bottom where additional informations are displayed, if you move the cusor
over a text or graphic. Nearly all graphics contain a map, so that you get more details in the buttom frame
and by that the visitor will be conveniently conducted to even more information
to the topic on other pages, or just back.

Straight to
Straight to
Direkt zu TerraXControl - The Terrarium Control
USBTenki Logger
Direkt zu USBTenki Logger - the Temperature Logger

So we hope to give you as much data as possible,
that are relevant in the connection between our products and your needs.

Yours sincerly
Loeffler Services Ltd.