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TerraXControl Version

TerraXControl the air software for terrariums, aquariums and insectarias.

It allows you using a PC connected Relay or Triac Cards and coupled sensors, in your pool to produce exactly the main climatic conditions as in the original habitat of the animals. This increases vitality and thus the life expectancy of the animals. By simulating the seasons not only the species-specific behavior is brought up, but the reproductive cycle is normalized and stimulated.

TerraControl allows you to create for each tank precisely defined conditions. Time settings can be fixed, or based on sunrise and / or sunset. Rainy season varies can be simulated. Yes it rains in the country of origin not always at the same time. Moon times enable setting interesting effects. And the morning fog comes punctually before the dawn. How you and your animals like it.

The Climate designer holds the climatic values of about 2600 weather stations worldwide, supports you in laying the individual foundation stone of each basin. It is oriented exactly to your specifications. Pelvic floor area and pumping capacity to serve as the basis for the calculation of daily precipitation. And miss weather station not included, no problem. Place them a call.
The daily temperature/humidity is then dynamically re-calculated each day. By creating variation in the handling of the basin by the sensor(s) measured values, you can also use an device switch to create entirely different areas within a basin. And if you want, for each day.
Or you create, based on your experience, a special climate.