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Many terrarium, insect holder, aquarists and other exotics lovers at some state come to the point where the "easy" control of light, sprinklers, foggers and other devices with timers not anymore fit their expectations and those of their animals. Whether you have the Barti difficulties with the hibernation period, the eggs dry up the leaves either or quite simply shedding problemsoccur .

What to do?
Of course, you will first examine all possible factors. Light, food, water, etc.. And often you can even one or the other symptoms also leave. Nevertheless, one thing is indisputable: "The right climate, the climate in which the animals kept on life really is an essential factor for their vitality and joy of their reproduction." said even a veterinarian, even Phelsumen holder, to me.

So how to get the climate of the source habitat in the terrarium?
To create a controller for the enclosure to your PC!
It sounds simple, it's but it isn´t! Controlling the climate for a terrarium with the next PC needs a lot of knowledge about climats itself, many years of experience in Reptiles matters also a good technical and physical understanding. Excellent knowledge of a flexible development languages is not a disadvantage. And not all who are able to spell the words "Visual Basic" or "DOT NET" correctly are also equal a good programmers.
Because we all indulge in the hobby for many years terrarium, with the creation of software to earn our daily bread (and butter too) and completed almost all of training / study with a physical background, we have, admittedly not entirely altruistic, the subject adopted and made us to work. Yes, it was hard work. And some that we would like to have in TerraXControl is to be drawn up. But on the core areas, annual cycle, astronomical control, sensors, etc., we are already out. Our software TerraXControl can, dynamically generated by day sensor data on daily climate data that are based on the source habitats, set the air in the terrarium closely. And not only that how many terrariums are controlled by the PC is set up on the TerraXControl, depends only on the performance of the used computer. And as a special treat you have in terms of power consumption of each terrarium not only an overview, but our Software helps with the right hardware (DMX) save even electricity.

What does the control of the terrarium with the Computer?
Well, TerraXControl costs in its smallest version € 29.90. This allows 2 relay, triac or DMX-controlled and integrated cards 4 sensors be. That is in clear text, if can be connected per card 8 devices, you can control theory in 4 terrariums each with 4 units. E.g. Lighting, heating, sprinklers, foggers.
And of course you can increase it at any time, according to your wishes and requirements.

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