Terrarium control and climate control with a Computer

Before going into detail, we should think about what to consider when using technology, especially electrical appliances, within terrariums, insectariums or incubator:

  1. Leitungen
  2. Water always flows down! So, all cables should be installed above the tank and be protected against humidity. When using cable channels we have to be sure that small reptiles or insects can not get into it. Special freshly hatched lizards are not only small, but they look just in this area for protection.

  3. Anschlüsse
  4. Basically, no chandelier terminals in question. Not only because they are not protected from moisture, but also carry the risk of other contacts in itself. Therefore, you should always secure Sockets, if necessary, use moisture protected ones.
    The lamps recommended only ceramic fittings, since they are absolutely resistant against all external influences, including heat generation.

  5. Location of the equipment
  6. Of course, UVB, HQI lamps and other lamps are mounted either above or in the pool. But we always argue for to install this above the Gauze, otherwise the animals risk contact burns.
    Fogger should be like the electric lead, always positioned above the pool, or at least the same level as the covers. Wet (heavy) air, fog, also flows downwards.
    Fans for ventilation or cooling are always found in the backside of the light box. They should also not be accessible to residents. Therefore, they are covered either with gauze or perforated plates in both directions.
    Pumps, just 220V or 110V pumps, should generally only come from retailers, as they are always damp resistant. Therefore, they can be placed safely in the pool.
    The same applies to the irrigation pumps.

  7. Fuse
  8. All input leeds should get off separately, as we recommend a central switch for all lines (Devices).

  9. Labeling
  10. We all know that: Some sort of device, a lamp, needs replacing. Who does not have the lines or at least the connector marked, only the model "trial and error" remains. And even if it is time consuming, who has his lines and connections marked from the beginning, has an advantage. A plan (drawing) of the installation completes the installation.

  11. Computer - Which Modell?
  12. It must not be the newest model. But it should not be "pre-processor". 850 MHz, 512 MB of memory, that's enough for controlling up to 70 devices with TerraXControl using 25 sensors.
    And for its placement, please do not place it beneath the tank, but at least the same level.

Computer control of the climate

In order for a software, in this case TerraXControl, that can take control of the climate in terrariums, insectariums or arias in the incubation, it must read the current values of sensors. The placement of these sensors, both the temperature and the humidity sensors, must be done wisely. If they are too exposed, they depict extreme values that are not suitable for control. A sensor should not be placed immediately below the ceiling or exposed in the direct radiation a spot.
Humidity sensors should not be exposed to irrigation. Even the best encapsulation does not protect against the full flood!

The basis for the sensitive control is, in addition to the sensors, a climate model in conjunction with the location of the habitat. The climate model includes the daily key data such as day and night temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc.. Longitude and latitude allow the climate control program, to calculate and use sun and moon rise and set times. This will simulate the day / night cycles in the seasonal flow, the so-called "astronomical" control.
The integration of the rainfall data determined in addition to temperature and humidity, very much the terrarium environment. Not used in incubators of course. But the rainfall, not only over the year, but also in daily operations, must be aligned with the natural conditions. In one habitat it rains in the morning, another has zenithal rain and in tropical tanks there are short and intense showers in the evening. The irregular distribution of rainfall during different periods is, advance a very tricky setting the climate program, and can only be set by hand. Therefore TerraXControl offers the option called "Random Switch".
To summon a real climate, the software should also have the possibility to use effects that are dependent on climatic conditions and equipment used. These Conditions include, for example the cloud formation in front of the precipitation, meaning turning on the irrigation. To simulate this we need no "real" clouds, the lighting is sufficient in its intensity match. TerraXControl allows using such effects erratically to simulate clouds. And this not only has its charms in terrariums, but also shows in the aquarium interesting lighting effects. This random circuit is always based on a fixed time window, ready to give the viewer always new sights.
No matter how you look at it, the use of a climate control system is worthwhile in any case, even if it appears at first glance to be too expensive. Finally, it offers nothing but advantages.

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