Products of our effort
Controling the climat in terrariums, insectariums and aquaterrariumswith via a computer

Here you find our main products. Certainly this is only a extract for the section of climatcontrol with the computer. The whole offering mostly consists of individual solutions.

USBTenki Logger
  TerraXControl enables you to control your terraniums, insectarium and aquaterraniums with a computer and by that simulating the climat of the country of origin of your animals. Including sesons. With or without sensoric aid. From one or two terraniums upto large plants of terraniums with a couple of 100 different types.

  USBTenki Logger stores data (Temperatur und/oder Luftfeuchte), coming from USBTenki Sensors. Single measurments aswell as logtime analyses.
Data is displayed graphicallly in realtime, to make a direct interpretation possible.
Some of the oppotunities provided by TerraXControl:
  • Climatcontrol
  • To the split second On- and Offturning
    of equipments on the basis of
    • fixed times
    • dynamic times
    • astronomic times
  • Sensoric control of equipments
    • Referring to temperature
    • Referring to humidity
  • Dimming of equipments
    • Automatic
    • Sensorical
    • Static
  • Weathersimulation
USBTenki Logger main goals:
  • Data storage
    • Temperature
    • Humindex
    • Relative Humidity
    • Real humidity
  • Graphical displaying

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