Links to relevant sites concerning our Software, used hardware, terraniums and terrarium facilities

Links to hardware used by our software:

  DMX Controller Dworkin DMX USB (Emul. RS232) DMX Controller Dworkin-DMX
  TRC 8/6 8 channel Triac Interface TRC 8/6 LPT GWR Elektronik Shop - TRC 8/6
  RK10-05USBV1 10 channel USB Relaiscard RK10-05USBV1 with Demo-Software USB GWR Elektronik Shop - RK10-05USBV1
  Thermo-Snake 1‑Wire-Temperature-Net with USB-connector, for up to 127 DS18B20Sensors by Maxim/Dallas USB Elektor - Thermo-Snake discription with further Links
  USBTenki USBTenki Temperature and Humidity Sensors USB Raphnet Technologies - Precision USB Temperature and humidity sensor

Links to Terraniumsuppliers

  Marx Terraristik Terraniumbuiler

Links for terrarium facilities:

  E.N.T. Terraniums, terranium-technics and facilities
  Reptiles Inn terranium-technics, facilities, and animals

The above listed links don't claim to be exhaustive.
If you have any special needs in case of using hardware,
Just let us know. We'll will than implement it in our software.

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