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Whether it is now called the Climate automation, climate control, climate or weather simulation terrarium, it's always about the climate or insect terrariums Arie climate, regardless of size. Let's discuss in "short" the corners of the climate:

  1. Sunlight - UV light
  2. This type of lighting produces not only heat in the enclosure. UV light is an important factor not only in terms of climate, but also important for the vitality of the reptiles kept, respectively, insects and other animal families. But the amount and duration of use in climate automation, climate simulation, as in nature, depending on the location, therefore linked to the longitude, latitude, altitude and vegetation, and of course the season. Generally speaking, the need UVB lighting are not given throughout the day.

  3. Daylight - Seasonal cycle
  4. For the daylight almost the same as for the UV light. Only with the restriction that it is only tied to the season. Summer days are even longer than winter days. Also, the Daily life of modern man, as the nature, still determined by the day. Therefore, in this climate simulation also plays a key role.

  5. Precipitation - rain - Irrigation
  6. Nothing characterizes the cycle of the seasons just as the rain, like rain. Apart from its task, the flora and fauna with enough people to supply water in liquid form, it has the Cloud cover material impact on the warming and the associated humidity. Therefore, in the terrarium are also control the lighting depending on the irrigation. I.e. the Beuchtung should be adjusted before turning on the sprinkler in their intensity. Thus the residents the opportunity eingräumt from rain "in security" to bring because not all reptiles are "drop shock resistant. And in the sudden insectariums irrigation may well have previously viewed the consequences.

  7. Humidity - Fogger
  8. As already described in the preceding paragraph, as the amount of moisture in the air directly related to rain and heat. But not only. Unfortunately, holds to this day lay in the terrarium View that the desert animals do not need humidity. But even in the desert, there are sometimes high humidity levels, if often only for a short period WHILE the day. But just in this small Zewitfenster it is used by animals and plants in order to meet the daily requirement of moisture. Because without the proper humidity have e.g. Reptiles molt considerable problems. Therefore, in order to satisfy this need you just put a desert in a terrarium fogger. All "non-dry" basins have an additional plants adapted to the natural habitat, because Plants also give off moisture.
    Verhältnis der Temperatur und Luftfeuchte über den Tag

  9. Heat - Floor Heating - Heating plate
  10. The heat is, like the humidity, depending on the lighting. But one must also differentiate. The substrate, the substrate, and all other Einrichtungsgägenstände have a terrarium, a significant influence on the distribution of heat throughout the day. How does such a daily distribution in nature? In the hour just before sunrise, the temperature reaches its lowest level, thus ensuring that the air humidity to condensation. It is formed fog and dew. Throughout the day, the temperature increases, caused by solar radiation. Soil, stones, Rocks and plants take on some of the heat and save it. Plants given in order to avoid overheating, moisture into the air, a kind of cooling system. The highest temperature is about 2 hours after Ingenieur in high sun. To sunset the temperature drops slightly, from more then he, once again, fog and dew formation. are in the first hours of the night the environment, ie soil, stones, etc., the stored heat to the environment.
    What this means for heat control in terrariums climate? A good terrarium software should allow exactly this cycle, if possible, also depending on the seasons, to simulate. In plain language: the duration and intensity of heat supply via heat lamps, cable heating, hot plates or heat stones should be a function of the natural habitat.

Terrariums Software - Weather simulation

Let us just summing up the above mentioned:
The climate control in the terrarium should basically regulate illumination, precipitation, humidity and heat.

Should the owner or his animals stop there? If we talk only about the use of timers and simple measurement technique then the answer is "yes".

But once the technical stakes are higher, and the growing requirement of the scheme. At least one Seasonal climate control should be possible. Better yet, a Climate simulation, a Weather simulation. And then with all the trimmings. Clouds, moon phases, perhaps even wind. Dear readers, we are not talking about the classic nature of the operation of a terrarium, insectarium or aquarium. For this kind of attitude does have its pitfalls. Reptiles getting fat is not only food-dependent, inertia is not a pure spezificum of a species. Have you ever wondered if your animals sometimes suffer boredom? Imagine your time your life when every day the sun would appear, at 28 °C and 50% relative humidity, 365 days, year after year. This is like with the holidays, you only enjoy it because of the variety. And it is held by us to provide the animals a "alternation", the seasonal cycle, the weather, for millions of years. It determines their life, not just in the area of mating and reproductive behavior. We are not talking about anything after all, what high-bred dog and cat breeds, their families, whom miss a warming cloak coat in winter.

We not only developed TerraXControl so that we save power and have more time for our animals. TerraXControl is structured so that it goes beyond a mere climate control out. It allows even the most complex climate simulations and weather modeling. Allowing you to gain not only as a holder for your animals more diversification, but also let cloud fields take influence on the lights, watch reptiles, fish and insects in their nocturnal behavior in the moonlight.

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