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The cooperation with our customers is the basement of our work

Therefore it's important to us, that you know how to get in touch with us. Even for we maybe far away, we are, thanks to modern tecnical opportunities, close to your frontdoor. Even though this biulds a strong bridge between us and your needs, we feel that the personell contact to our customers is of the highest importance.

  Address Loeffler Services Ltd.
Burgstr. 12
D-29349 Wienhausen/OT Nordburg
  Telephon +49 (0)5082 - 91 49 29
  Fax +49 (0)5082 - 91 40 065
  Mobil +49 (0)162 - 45 47 770
  EMail (allg.) office@loeffler-inc.net
  EMail TerraXControl info@terraxcontrol.com

There are problems that are, however hard trying, are impossible to be solved.
All the rest we are happy to sort out for you!

Loeffler Services Ltd.
at your service