What does Loeffler Services Ltd.

Since 1990 I'm developing software and databases for the individual porpose of my customers. By this my services encloses the whole spectrum. Little tools for automation within Microsoft Office Applikations, up to complete CRM solutions. IS-state detection, Risk Detection, advice and procurance are also a part of our services, as software development itself.
During the past years a focus on "Climate Automation" has emerged by a personel interest. That means, that by now our major effort in case of our own not customer ordered software development, stands in controlling the climate in terraniums, insectarium and so on.
Needless to say that we still serve the wide field from SAP, Windows, up to UNIX. Designing databases, modelling concepts for networks and applications, etc. pp.

if you have any questions, no matter if concered to one of our here advertised products,
a service or anything else, just ask. Only dialog leads to results!

Loeffler Services Ltd.
at your service